Client Z7 Bar Ranch


Z7 Bar Ranch was a relatively new operation when they approached AgTown. Having an established identity and a basic Web site, Z7 Bar was looking to take their marketing to the next level. They wanted a cohesive brand that would give them a professional, well-organized identity and help them stand out from their competitors.


After evaluating their past marketing endeavors and future goals, we started by digitally recreating their existing logo, adding enhancements to give it depth and a more polished look. We completed a photo shoot of the ranch to capture imagery we needed to create a new Web site that visually tells the Z7 Bar story. We have carried Z7 Bar’s new marketing identity throughout their advertisements, sale catalogs, banners, Facebook page, etc. We work closely with Z7 Bar Ranch on a monthly basis to stay at the forefront of their marketing, providing new ideas and making sure they have the assets needed to effectively market their operation.

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