Client Magness Land and Cattle


Magness Land & Cattle wanted a new innovative way to bring their sale videos and catalog data together as well as provide a quicker way to get sales data to their buyers. They were frustrated with the disconnect between their online sale catalog and YouTube video for each animal. They needed an application that would unify their sale information and make it readily accessible to their buyers.


Magness signed up with Virtual Herd, a mobile application that was launched in January 2012 by AgTown. During the 2012 National Western Stock Show, Magness had cattle on display, a spring bull sale they were promoting and an online heifer sale hosted from the stockyards of Denver, Colorado. Virtual Herd allowed Magness buyers to access pictures (sires, dames, MGS, etc.), video, pedigree and EPDs from any smartphone or tablet with an easy to use mobile app that provided the buyer with everything they needed in one location.

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