Client Premium Natural Beef


In 2009 Premium Natural Beef set out to accomplish a life long dream of providing consumers with the safest Beef available through their vertically integrated production system. As a start up company they had a vision, but needed an identity and a way to get to the desks of the CEOs who made the buying decisions in a very competitive market.


Starting at square one, we created a digitally hand-drawn logo that would brand Premium Natural Beef’s product in a local, national and potentially world market. It was important to the client that the logo told their story and tied to their Oklahoma roots. From there we created copy and provided a Web presence for retailers and distributors to learn more about the product. We also created a “leave behind” piece that set Premium Natural Beef apart from other natural beef competitors by visually telling their story with a variety of pictures taken at their operation and with a corporate DVD.

The doors opened and Premium Natural Beef has attained that national brand recognition they sought. We are tickled at their success and continue to manage their marketing and provide them with assets such as packaging/product labels, POS materials, signage, social media marketing, etc.

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